Shower Screens Melbourne | Which Type to Choose?

Shower Screens Melbourne

It all comes down to your shower design when it comes to selecting shower screens Melbourne. You can get sliding doors, folding doors, curved doors, and space-saving screens made of acrylic or safety glass, among other things. Continue reading to learn more about the many types of shower screens available.

Shower screens Melbourne main features

Shower Screens Melbourne

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Designed to keep water from splashing beyond your shower cubicle, shower screens Melbourne are a necessity. As an appealing alternative to shower curtains, transparent glass screens are a great option to consider. Furthermore, when they are kept clean, they are pretty hygienic! These features make them an excellent alternative, whether you want to seal off your shower or just want to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom.

Shower screens or doors are a must-have if you don’t want your bathroom to seem like a swimming pool. Aside from that, completely enclosing your shower will give you additional warmth and comfort. And this is because the steam trapped inside the enclosure will raise the ambient temperature of your bathroom.

Making the best decision when it comes to shower screens Melbourne

Making the best decision for your bathroom begins with obtaining accurate measurements and drawing a floor plan based on the actual size of your bathroom. Your shower screens Melbourne will need a certain amount of room. You can usually tell by the size of your shower tray or, if you have a walk-in shower, by the size of the leading shower area that corresponds to your shower tray’s size. For example, if you have a shower enclosed on three sides, you’ll need to take measurements along each side of the tray and from the top to the bottom of the enclosure area.

It’s essential to pay attention to the slightest details. And if your shower walls are not perfectly upright, you’ll have to make some changes throughout the installation process. If you have low ceilings, you should pay close attention to the height restrictions while examining your choices. Doing an excellent job requires you to ensure that your own measurements are as exact as possible to guarantee that the screens will fit appropriately.

When it comes to choosing a shower screen Melbourne, the amount of space you have available, the arrangement of your bathroom, and your tastes will all influence your decision. A fixed or hinged screen, the quality of the glass and frame, and their respective sizes will be the most crucial considerations in your decision.

Shower Screens Melbourne

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Different types of shower screens in Melbourne

It is crucial to choose shower screens Melbourne that are appropriate for their size, the arrangement of your shower, and your particular requirements.

1. Hinged shower screens

Hinged doors provide the most space for entering the shower. Because they open outwards, you’ll need to consider how much room you’ll need for access and clearance. In larger bathrooms, or at the very least in those with adequate space for the doors to open comfortably, these doors should be fitted.

2. Sliding shower screens Melbourne

If you have a big rectangle or square shower, sliding shower screens in Melbourne are the most practical option. They are pretty simple to use and are excellent for conserving valuable floor space. Make sure you choose an entryway with a wide opening for maximum comfort.

3. Folding shower screens 

These might be either bi-fold or multifold in nature. These doors, which were quite popular a few years ago, are commonly presented with smaller shower trays or self-contained shower cubicles. To avoid them seeming too “antique,” you may always choose a frame with a more contemporary finish.

4. Pivot shower screens

Pivot doors are similar to hinged doors except that they open by allowing a portion of the door to enter the shower enclosure. These doors are especially useful in compact bathrooms, where space is limited.

5 Fixed shower screens in Melbourne

Even though fixed shower screens in Melbourne may only be put in showers with a rectangular form, they are the most efficient kind of shower entry because of their design. They may also help create a sleek and trendy appearance in your bathroom. However, keep in mind that you must precisely measure these screens to avoid water splashing while keeping the enclosure open.